Costume Rentals

  • ​Authentic, fully Licensed Garfield Costume - same one we use in our Live Stage Shows !
  • Professional Performer (a.k.a. Costume Animator)
  • "Promotional Assets" (Official Images and Graphics you can use in your Promotional Materials)
  • Pre-Event "advance" Call(s) between a Milestone Event Producer and Your Main Event Contact (to get all the ducks in a row)

Audiences participate in a musical celebration with Odie and Jon at Garfield’s big birthday bash in the "Happy Birthday to Me!" show or in anticipation of all the Christmas presents he’s expecting, Garfield will light up your holiday this year in "A Garfield Christmas." 
Of course, wise-cracking, nap-taking Garfield doesn’t plan on doing all the work (or any of the work for that matter), so he needs a couple of lucky audience members to help him on stage!

Past Events

Garfield © Paws. All Rights Reserved.

Garfield, the single most popular comic strip character in the World, is available for Costume Rentals.

Alone, or with his faithful dog Odie, Garfield is guaranteed to draw crowds to Malls, Fairs, Festivals, Parades, Trade Shows, Retail Outlets - anywhere people gather!

Live Appearances

Stage Shows